When it comes to literature,I think everybody kinda forms their own belief of what its really trying to tell us.
For example,As a group of a novels that are written about finding love and what goes right and wrong in love,Jane Austen was actually trying to tell us she was lonely and maybe all of the relationships we see in her novels are her dreaming or seeing what was around her. Kinda feel that it makes her novels more real. Or if you take John Steinbeck,sure his novels are depressing tales of unfortunate life but I think he’s really trying to tell us that there is a way around everything and that if you wait,these times will pass soon enough. You could even take a modern author,say John Green. This man’s stories are about life through and through,how teenagers see the world,how teenagers feel,how teenagers react in tragedy. If you ask me,John Green is a modern,written version of John Hughes.
So in all,I guess what i’m trying to say,is that books can save your life if they have a meaning to you that you look deep enough for it. Give literature a chance.

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